Epic Services

Optimize Epic. Optimize results.

KinetiCare Technical or Business Optimization Services. Over 100% productivity return on your consulting investment. Guaranteed.


Custom Epic Cache Software Programming

  • Custom PAF Columns – Expand Epic reporting and screen information/columns beyond what is delivered from Epic. PAF Columns are used on Epic Patient Lists, Trackboards, Reporting Workbench, Cadence, Greaseboards.
  • Custom Programming Points – Add business logic rules to Epic.
  • Custom Print Groups – Expand access to data and custom reports beyond what is delivered from Epic. These reports are used in Epic Patient Summary, Patient List, Trackboards, Chartreview, MAR.
  • Custom Routines – Create custom patient labels, macros for admin users, and device/software bridge interfaces.  Build custom integration into Epic – device integration (cardiac monitor and vents), Epic Radiant and Anesthesia interfaces, PACS, dictation (Dragon and others), transcription, E-sig, Surescript, financial accounting (Lawson, Peoplesoft), ADT, Teletracking, lab, x-ray interfaces.



Tap Epic’s full potential to enable providers to focus on patient care.

Our Epic Solutions Specialists (ESS) work with your end users to leverage the power of Epic—customized to your unique needs.

Rely on your KinetiCare ESS to:

  • Customize Epic SmartTools– Build or show users “how-to.”
    • SmartTools – within Epic to make charting and documentation easier.
    • SmartTexts – pre-built templates that help to standardize the way patient visits are charted.
    • SmartLists – selectable “drop down” lists a users can navigate with a SmartText or SmartPhrase.
    • SmartPhrases – pull in a commonly used phrase, link (SmartLink), list or template. Reduce clicks, save time.
    • SmartSets / OrderSets – contain much more than just a collected set of orders.
    • Customized navigation and workflow – Documentation Flowsheets, Patient Lists, Preference Lists, Favorites.
    • SOAP notes – Subjective, Objective, Assessment & Plan.
  • Create workflow improvement and work-arounds– Implement time saving user tools and techniques.
    • Navigation and keyboard techniques – reduce clicks, save time.
    • Customize communications – reports, forms, a letter, tip sheets, update user guides.
    • Expand use of Dragon voice recognition software – including support, customization.
    • Implement optimization strategies – support provider and nurse productivity.
    • Upgrade enhancements and “what’s new” – knowledge sharing and implementation.
  • Design Epic training to your unique needs– Get what you want, when and where you want it.
    • Site-specific curriculum – for basic, intermediate, advanced, train-the-trainer.
    • “Focus” training – on fixes, new module installs, new releases.
    • Fast response to opportunities – we provide 1-1 (“at the elbow”), classroom, or quick training bursts on new functionality.